Maximize Conversions with Personalized Emails and Retargeting Ads

– More than 75% of conversions occur before the second welcome series email is received.
– The likelihood of an email helping with conversions decreases significantly after the second email.
– The subscription to conversion rate is a crucial metric for long-term success in ecommerce marketing.Focus on improving your subscription to conversion rate by using highly targeted personalized emails and retargeting ads relevant to when people sign up.More than 75% of those who signed up will convert before your second welcome series email hits their inbox if they do convert. The odds of an email helping them convert beyond that drop to miserably low levels. That means if you don’t get people to convert on the first or second email, it’s very unlikely to happen at all. But this has a follow-on impact that no one talks about. If you look at your campaign data, which I’m sure you all segment out specifically for people who have purchased and haven’t purchased, you’ll find a pattern that will scare you. Often, 10 times the revenue comes from people who have purchased before. So your entire LTV is determined within days of a signup. Want the biggest predictor of long-term success? You should be focusing on a KPI that is ridiculously hard to track. It’s CRO for your subscribers. This is where email agencies and ad agencies need to work together with highly targeted personalized emails and retargeting ads relevant to when people sign up. So that stat that no one likes to talk about is your subscription to conversion rate. All the signups in the world, all the high opt-ins, do not matter if your subscription to conversion rate is low. So emails 3 – whatever in your welcome series with those open rates of around 30%? Yeah, they aren’t really driving a ton of revenue. E-commerce marketing is changing, and it’s consumer-driven. With so many people making up their minds in just a few hours, you’re getting them later in the customer journey than you think. Use these subscribers for data mining of that already baked-in high intent to make better marketing decisions. #ecommerce #marketing #data

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