Mastering iOS 15: Boost Quality Acquisition and Diversify Channels

– Focus on quality over quantity in your acquisition channels
– Use multi-step sign up forms to gather valuable data about your customers
– Utilize personalized ads and emails based on customer data to improve messaging and targetingFocus on using multi-step sign up forms to gather valuable data about your customers and their preferences, and use this data to diversify your messaging channels and personalize your ads. Additionally, track your return on ad spend (ROAS) on a blended basis.How to solve for iOS 15 in one LinkedIn post:

1. Focus on your acquisition channel(s) and obsess over quality rather than quantity.
2. Use multi-step sign-up forms to understand who is signing up, what they are interested in, what they value in your offerings, how many they own or engage in activities, and when they are looking to make a purchase (this will indicate the quality).
3. Utilize that data and collaborate with your ads team to diversify the channels through which you send your messaging. Retarget your customers with personalized ads based on the same personalized emails that you are sending (once again, this indicates quality).
4. Keep track of your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on a blended basis.

The bonus of doing all of this correctly is that it also addresses iOS 14.5. By using data to understand where your top sign-ups are coming from and the patterns that correspond with revenue, the focus shifts to sign-ups rather than conversions. With data collection, you can better model which audiences and content to use in your paid advertising.

Tick tock until September. #ios15 #ecommerce #customerjourney

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