Leveraging Facebook Ads for Market Research and Zero Party Data

– Facebook Ads should be used for market research.
– Running small budget tests with traffic as the goal can provide insights for optimizing the entire marketing stack.
– Zero party data is the secret ingredient for successful marketing.Utilize Facebook Ads for market research and collect zero party data to optimize your marketing strategies.If you’re not using your Facebook Ads for market research, you should be. Audience – Ad – Landing Page – Killer Offer – Sign Up with Data Collection. You can run small budget tests with just traffic as the goal and get a good read on your market. The insights will allow you to optimize your entire stack, including email, SMS, website, and ad creative, when you decide to find more people who are looking to buy with your conversion goal. The secret ingredient is zero-party data. #marketing #zeropartydata #ecommercehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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