Leveraging Data for Improved Marketing Insights and Business Growth

– The company has been receiving questions about the meaning and use of the data they collect.
– Understanding the relationship between different data points and leveraging them is crucial for marketing success.
– The company is exploring teaching people how to analyze the data and automating insights to drive faster progress.Implement automation with insights in the platform to leverage the data and drive faster improvements in understanding the relationship between different data points and how to use them.We’ve been getting the same question since we started Formtoro: “What does the data mean?” and “How do we use the data?” All the data we collect is brand new to brands, coming in at a rate that far exceeds what they are used to, which poses a problem. Now that we have it, how do we use it? But it’s the relationship between data points, subscription rates, ads, and other data points that creates the value. This stuff gets super complicated. Much of the data is only useful if you can understand the relationship between different points of data and how to leverage them. This is a gap across marketing generally. So the questions are valid. We’ve started to look at two ways of doing this: 1. Teaching people what to look for. 2. Automating the insights in the platform with explanations. We’re going to do a bit of both, but automation with insights will help us drive to where we want to get to faster. Q4 is all about these improvements. What’s coming next should fundamentally change a brand’s approach towards business. It’s a living, breathing roadmap of prioritization that helps brands unlock gains across the entire customer journey. Pay attention to this space. Previous thoughts on how buying experiences work are changing massively and very, very quickly. Turns out we might have been wrong on a lot of fronts. #data #ecommerce #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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