Lack of Privacy Experience in Ecommerce Raises Concerns

– Majority of ecommerce marketers, software developers, and attorneys lack privacy experience
– Questions arise regarding the companies providing services to address privacy changes in ecommerce
– Understanding current and future trends is crucial for creating effective solutions in privacy and ecommerceGain privacy experience and understanding in order to provide effective solutions for ecommerce companies impacted by privacy changes.The majority of e-commerce marketers have zero privacy experience. The majority of software developers working on e-commerce software also have zero privacy experience. Even the majority of attorneys don’t have privacy experience. So, when I stop to think about the companies that are providing services to fill in some of the gaps for e-commerce companies who have been impacted by privacy changes, I have more questions than answers. In order to create a solution for something, you need to actually understand that thing and what the larger trends are across the market. It’s not enough to know where things currently are; you need to know where things are going. #privacy #ecommerce #marketing

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