Key insights for successful ecommerce strategies

– An ugly email with typos can be more effective than a well-designed one if sent at the right time with the right offer.
– Ads with low return on ad spend (ROAS) that attract high repeat purchasers are more valuable than ads with high ROAS and low repeat purchasers.
– The cost to acquire a customer is crucial, and distributing products to the right audience while keeping costs in line is a challenge for most brands.Question everything you’re currently doing in ecommerce and focus on reducing headcount and optimizing internal strategies to increase profit.Fun facts about e-commerce. An ugly email with typos sent at the right time with the right offer will beat a well-designed one any day of the week. An ad with low ROAS that attracts high repeat purchasers is better than an ad with high ROAS and low repeat purchasers; people don’t/can’t measure this yet 😉 Retention is primarily determined by perceived value coupled with product use and product need. Quiz results are only valuable if they provide context; most don’t. Post-purchase surveys are trend analysis, nothing more, and usually lack context. There is no difference in subscription to conversion rate when you ask for both an email and a phone number; however, 25% of people will answer fewer questions about why they are there when you ask for a phone number. More emails do not mean more revenue. It’s the subscription to conversion rate that makes the difference; people don’t track this. Most brands selling on Amazon now are giving up 50% to Amazon, meaning they can afford to sell to you at 30% off your entire order via a direct channel. Cost to Acquire a Customer is all that matters; see the above point about people taking a 50% haircut when selling on Amazon. Distribution of your product to the right audience is the hardest thing for most brands to get right; keeping costs in line adds to the difficulty. Only 20% of your traffic is from repeat customers; on landing pages, it’s even less. Branding doesn’t matter as much as you think; test everything on landing pages. At the end of the day, profit is all that matters, but the majority of it comes from reducing headcount and optimizing internal strategies, not releasing new products. I’m sure there are more, but this is a good list to get started on so you can start questioning everything you’re currently doing.

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