JaaS: The Future of Consulting and Digital Asset Creation

– Ecom with Jon as a Service (JaaS) is a new offering focused on consulting work that aims to provide on-demand, affordable, and value-packed services.
– The text criticizes social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn for promoting low-quality content and posturing for business rather than focusing on acquiring skills to create business.
– The author emphasizes the importance of creating digital assets and aims to teach others how to approach digital asset creation and leverage those assets for success.Focus on creating digital assets that provide value in order to be treated like Facebook and increase your chances of success in marketing.Ecom with Jon as a Service (JaaS) is my latest creation. Until I can convince someone to pay me like they pay Facebook, $1 for every $2 in revenue I drive (but happy with just $1), my next best offering will be JaaS. I see it as the future of consulting work. On-demand, affordable, packed with value, aggregated learnings from similar small groups asking similar questions. We need to move the conversation away from social networks. There’s just too much low-rent bullshit on Twitter and LinkedIn from people who have too many followers that are parts of pods that blindly upvote shitty content under the guise of thought leadership. People speak in generalities that aren’t true. Posturing in order to gain business, rather than actually focusing on acquiring skills to create business. “I’ve driven over $150 million in email revenue” – GTFO (get the f out). “I’ve spent over $150 million in ad spend” – WAC (want a cookie). If all these agencies were as good as they want you to believe and all these brands were doing as well as they want you to believe, they would be building and flipping businesses every 2-4 years and they wouldn’t be telling you how they are doing it. That’s the truth. They would also be focusing on assets that have higher profit margins, of which there are lots. Just saying. Take away the client and the agency goes under. Which means they are dependent on a brand’s assets for success. Pretty much any agency requires your assets to create value; they don’t provide any value on their own without access to your assets. I want you to focus on that piece there. If you require someone else’s assets in order to provide value, you’ll never get paid like Facebook. If you can create assets that provide value, you’ll be a whole hell of a lot closer to being treated like Facebook. This is where SaaS and other products come into play; they get you closer to Facebook. Which brings me to my next point – Most marketers don’t have the requisite experience to create the basics or be able to build strategies on the fly given larger business considerations. They aren’t good at asset creation. You can tell they aren’t because of how they approach outbound sales, crazy wasted opportunities around that function. This might be the first time I’m talking about this on LinkedIn. I don’t talk about it because it’s such a huge opportunity and we’ve been working behind the scenes to find ways to crack it.Like all the really good stuff, I hold a lot of it back, but I’m going to start talking about more of it through JaaS. Because I believe that everyone should own digital assets and learn how to create digital assets. Long term my goal is to teach everyone how to approach digital asset creation and how to leverage those assets.It’s the real reason we built Formtoro people just haven’t connected the dots yet. Go to my page for more information: Ecom with Jon Also link in the comments. #JaaS #marketing #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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