iOS15 Impact: Surprising Email Open Rates and Privacy Concerns

– The open rate of the email campaign sent out at 3am is unexpectedly high.
– The open rate of the previous campaign was between 50% and 67%.
– The use of segments based on zero party data from the signup is helpful in light of iOS15 and its privacy changes.Analyze the impact of iOS15 on email campaign open rates and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.That utterly and totally confusing point is when you realize that your email campaign, which was sent out today at 3 am, shouldn’t already have a 50% open rate. However, you also have the same feeling of knowing that your last campaign, prior to iOS15, had an open rate ranging from 50% to 67%. iOS15 is going to be fun – at least we have segments based on zero-party data from the signup. #privacy #ios15 #ecommerce #marketing

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