iOS 145 and iOS 15: Seize market share with forward-thinking strategies

– iOS 14.5 and iOS 15 present a significant opportunity for marketers to gain market share from competitors.
– Many marketers are relying on outdated strategies and looking for quick fixes, but a more effective approach is to analyze and adjust overall strategies.
– Forward-thinking strategies focused on the customer can withstand changes from Apple and Facebook, potentially improving the bottom line and attracting customers from competitors.Conduct a post mortem on your overall marketing strategy and make necessary shifts and overhauls to ensure long-term success and minimize the impact of changes by Apple and Facebook.iOS 14.5 and iOS 15 are the greatest gifts to marketers EVER. Never has there been a better moment to seize market share from your competitors than right now. I’ve listened to all the webinars, but the advice, by and large, is outdated and tired, following the same strategies with subtle tweaks. Everyone is looking for a quick fix or a workaround, but it’s the wrong approach. You need to do a post-mortem on your overall strategy. You don’t fix for today; you fix to not be affected in the future. Your strategy should be so forward-thinking and focused on the customer that any changes thrown by Apple or Facebook shouldn’t impact your bottom line. In fact, it should improve it because your competitors have outdated strategies, and you’re going to take their customers. The thing is, there isn’t a quick fix or a workaround; there are strategy shifts and overhauls. The ones that can pull off the strategy shifts right now have the biggest opportunity to seize market share. Consolidation is coming as costs will rise and efficiency will tank for those not prepared. #marketing #privacy #ecommerce

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