iOS 145+ Adoption Rate Climbs, Impacts Tracking and Email Marketing

– iOS 14.5+ install rate is currently at 63% and increasing.
– iOS 14.5 was not pushed out via push notification, but iOS 14.6 was, resulting in a significant jump in installations.
– With the release of iOS 15, it is predicted that iOS 14.5+ adoption will reach over 80% in the next two months.The key action item is to prepare for the increasing adoption of iOS 14.5+ and the upcoming release of iOS 15 by adjusting marketing strategies and finding alternative ways to track and retarget customers during the busy holiday season.The most recent figure I could find shows that the iOS 14.5+ install rate is up to 63% and climbing. iOS 14.5 wasn’t pushed out via a push notification; iOS 14.6 was. As a result, on May 24th, there was a massive jump to over 50% installation by early June. We’re now two months into this installation, but I guarantee you that in the next two months, with iOS 15 rolling out, you’ll see iOS 14.5+ adoption work its way up to more than 80%. The clock is ticking on the ad front in terms of tracking, and the window is closing. The same will happen on the email front. Following this adoption rate, two months from the end of September is Black Friday. Imagine not being able to track open rates during the busiest time of the year. Now, imagine all the additional visits you’ll get and not being able to retarget them unless they sign up for your newsletter. Also, remember that the holidays are when people tend to upgrade their phones, which means new iOS updates automatically. Things are about to get interesting real quick. #marketing #data #ios145 #ios15

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