Increase ROI and customer insights with monthly research for your store

– Monthly customer research can be done for less than 25% of a single day of ad spend.
– This research can impact how you communicate with customers, create ads, design landing and product pages, and follow up with customers.
– Many stores focus on the wrong KPIs and miss out on leveraging existing customer behavior to improve their business.Implement monthly customer research to gain valuable insights and improve various aspects of your store, such as communication, ad creation, landing page design, product page design, and customer follow-up.Your store can conduct monthly customer research for less than 25% of a single day of ad spend. That research will impact how you communicate with those customers, how you create ads for future customers, how you design landing pages for all your customers, how you design product pages for future customers, and how you follow up with customers who have made a purchase. I say your store can do these things, but the vast majority of stores are choosing not to. Instead, they focus on the wrong key performance indicators (KPIs) such as popup sign-up rate, number of emails, number of phone numbers, blended return on ad spend (ROAS), average cost of acquiring a customer (CAC), and conversion rate.

There is a literal magic wand that can tell you what people are interested in, what matters to them in those kinds of products, their familiarity with your key differentiator, how often they participate in activities related to your products, and when they are looking to make a purchase. And it leverages an existing behavior that your visitors are already engaging in. Not only that, it comes with built-in strategies that are pre-optimized throughout the customer journey, taking the guesswork out of when and how to ask these things and increasing the number of emails and phone numbers collected. If you leverage the data, your blended ROAS goes up, your conversion rate goes up, and your CAC goes down.

This can be set up in under an hour and will run continuously, targeting new users. “I don’t want to know who my customers are or why they buy,” said no one ever. If you’re reading this, you have the potential to take one single action that can influence your business in ways not thought possible in a completely automated fashion, and it will take you less than one hour of your time. There isn’t a higher ROI strategy that exists, let alone one that provides you with knowledge and insights along with a roadmap on what to work on. Jon out. 🎤 #ecommerce #marketing #data

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