Improving Product Pages for Better Customer Journey

– The author’s job involves asking questions and understanding customer concerns before making a purchase.
– Many product pages and websites do not provide sufficient information or anticipate customer questions.
– The author suggests a different approach, where product descriptions link to other relevant products to aid in the customer journey and decision-making process.The key action item is to link to other product options within the product description to provide customers with more information and help them make a decision.The vast majority of my job is asking questions and understanding what questions a customer would have while contemplating making a purchase. Here’s the thing: I have questions that aren’t answered on every single product page and website I look at. As brands, we do a really great job of talking at visitors instead of anticipating the order of their decision-making and the importance of clarity. If you read a lot of product pages, the same words are used across multiple products, making it hard to make a decision. We’re terrible when it comes to doing this in e-commerce.

Here’s the different approach we take on our product pages. Something we do on all our product pages is to point out and link to other product options in our expanded section within the context of the product description. Product discovery is a fluid experience, which means it starts on one product then works its way to others, much the same way that a blog article would link to another topic of another blog article. Product descriptions should take the same approach to linking to other products because the process is about the customer journey, and that involves making a decision by having enough information to make a decision instead of just looking to convert on every product page. It’s not a “You might also like these” approach. It’s a “If you like more of x, we also make y that may be a better fit for you. Click on over to give it a look.” Remember, it’s always about the customer journey. Start to think of your webpage and product pages as a window to help people succeed. This is how growth happens.

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