Improving Ecommerce Websites: The Key to Success

– Many ecommerce brands are not utilizing landing pages effectively and have product pages with inadequate descriptions and confusing website layouts.
– Improvements are needed in collecting customer data, understanding customer needs, and implementing a process for making and testing improvements.
– Experience and expertise are crucial in optimizing the customer journey in ecommerce, and relying solely on software solutions is not sufficient.Implement a process for making and testing improvements to your ecommerce website, including collecting data, understanding customer needs, and optimizing touchpoints.As an e-commerce brand, you’re looking for more revenue, greater profit margins, higher return on ad spend, and a lasting, self-sustaining community. Yet… These same brands aren’t using landing pages (or if they are trying to get people to buy on them). They have product pages with short descriptions that don’t fully answer questions, website layouts that are confusing and often fail to link product categories together, collect just emails and phone numbers during a sign-up, have difficult-to-navigate reviews that are often incomplete or lacking substance, and a host of other issues.


All websites have room for improvement.


But JON! I really think they need better creatives. If you want to burn money really quickly, focus on just your ads. You could opt to just start making changes and measuring the impact of those changes and isolating individual variables… Or you could opt to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and better understand what information they would need to know in order to make a decision… Or you could collect data to better understand which visitors are coming to your website and to understand how to map a journey for their needs… Or you could just wing it, go viral for all the right reasons, and make product-market fit a thing of the past. The truth is, there isn’t one way to create success; it requires all of them coming together.

I can tell you, though, in my experience, hardly anyone has a process listed out for how to tackle making and testing improvements. On top of that, there are often a combination of teams involved with all of the above, with different goals and KPIs that rarely make much sense. I’d say, more than anything else, process is missing from most things, along with version controlling and an understanding of variables and how to pull levers around said variables. E-commerce is simple and complicated at the same time. There are only so many touchpoints, but the robustness of those touchpoints needs attention paid to them, more than they currently do. Over the past two days alone, I’ve spent hours looking at a few product pages. They all have mistakes in them, incomplete customer journeys, and missing information. Most of the time, the person at the company is too close to the product to look at it objectively.

So, the biggest improvements for any brand are: data for better ads around intent, checklists for touchpoints, experts to help ask the questions and provide advice on easy changes. Stop looking for software to solve all your problems. Experience matters more than people think when it comes to customer journey in ecommerce. It’s a learned skill over time.You need years of experience to be able to spot things in seconds. A checklist only gets you so far, but combining these two things together can unlock massive gains.#ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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