Improving eCommerce Efficiency: Focus on Quality Traffic and Customer Journey

– Many eCommerce companies focus on customer experience but overlook important aspects such as personalized welcome series and understanding why people sign up.
– These companies primarily rely on sales for email revenue and segment their audience based on open rates, without considering the quality of their traffic or subscribers.
– They also track the success of ads based solely on conversion rates and believe that the opt-in rate on a form depends solely on the offer, rather than the quality of traffic.Focus on improving the quality of traffic to your eCommerce website in order to improve all key performance indicators (KPIs).Every eCommerce company knows that “it’s all about customer experience.” Also, every company:
– Sends everyone the same welcome series.
– Doesn’t ask why people sign up.
– Makes all their email revenue from sales.
– Segments primarily based on open rates.
– Believes everyone is always looking to buy.
– Has no idea about the quality of their traffic.
– Also has no idea about the quality of subscribers.
– Only tracks the success of ads based on conversion rate.
– Thinks the opt-in rate on a form depends solely on the offer, rather than the quality of traffic being driven.
– Thinks it’s cool to send emails again with a different subject line if they aren’t opened.
– Asks for phone numbers on the first visit.

I could go on… The amount of inefficiency that can and should be avoided in eCommerce baffles me. It’s as easy as building a REAL customer journey rather than a company journey. Stop and think about every KPI you’ve been tracking. Literally, all of them will improve with better quality traffic. Yet, no one is concentrating on either how to gauge the quality of the existing traffic or how to find better traffic in a systematic way. #ecommerce #customerexperience #customerjourney #marketing

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