Improving Ecommerce: Changes Needed for a Better Customer Experience

– The author wants changes in ecommerce, including no phone number requests, free shipping without a minimum, and easy returns.
– They suggest building a positive brand experience, allowing customer input and customization, and enabling customers to financially benefit from evangelizing for the brand.
– The author believes that these changes can be achieved through apps, partnerships with Amazon, customer involvement, and the use of NFTs or digital tickets. They also predict a shift towards co-op models in advertising.Implement a mobile app that allows brands to directly send campaigns and engage with customers, eliminating the need for phone numbers and creating a more personalized and editorial experience.Here’s what I’d like to see changed about e-commerce:

1. Stop asking for my phone number.
2. Provide me with free shipping without a minimum.
3. Provide me with easy returns.
4. Build a positive experience that supports your brand.
5. Let me vote on what you should make next.
6. Let me pre-fund your production for a better price after I become a customer.
7. Let me suggest custom colors and share them with the community after I become a customer.
8. Allow me to evangelize for your brand in a way that financially benefits me beyond just store credit.
9. Use my purchase to unlock other benefits with partners.

So a lot of this is actually coming:

1. Phone Numbers – I see this going away to an app that has brands on it, where campaigns that matter are sent out directly through the app on behalf of the brand. I would subscribe to a lifestyle, not just a brand, but only through an app, not SMS. But it’s not an owned audience! Yeah, but it’s a real audience that’s a good fit for your product and that you don’t have to nurture with only your products. It becomes editorial and awesome, much like the way people constantly look at Google News, Apple News, or the like. There are some real opportunities in this one.

2, 3 – Buying with Prime from Amazon will solve this.

4. I don’t feel loved by brands, I feel it’s all transactional.

5, 6 answer number 4. This is how you get people involved and participating with your brand. Betabrand has been doing this for years.

7. Let me customize things. It doesn’t have enough support. Let me figure it out to see if we can get it made. What’s your MOQ? If Nike just let me pick a few colorways and allowed them across all their main shoes, that would be awesome.

8. This might be the largest area for improvement. Imagine a Linktree but for products and stores that I like. Learn about a product from me, buy through my Linktree, and I get paid.

9. This is something most people are sleeping on and I think NFT/Digital Tickets/whatever you want to call them can do a lot of good here in the future.Let my purchase with you unlock benefits of other similar brands. The odds of stumbling on a new brand are incredibly small these days, it’s all a marketing budget to get in front of people and then you have people like me that only use social media for work. Not enough brands partner on growth. They all compete and unfortunately it’s a consumer decision that leads to the purchase and they are already comparing. Now for the kick in the teeth, much like Amazon’s Buy with Prime, all of the above things are better done by other companies. With the amount of money companies spend on Facebook and Google, imagine if instead that money went back into your community. Food for thought, things are going to change in the world of advertising, eventually brands will be run as co-ops where everyone will feel like they are part of something bigger. It’s not an if, it’s a when. It’s going to be exciting.#ecommerce #marketing #customerjourney

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