Improving Customer Experience with Multi-Form Quizzes

– The text discusses the importance of structuring multi-form quizzes for a better customer experience.
– It mentions the ability to tie relevant reporting to the data points collected in order to understand trends in answers, orders, revenue, and conversion rates.
– The text offers assistance in creating landing pages for quizzes and emphasizes the importance of a better customer experience, context for data collected, and reliable conversion data.Create multi-form quizzes and end on a landing page to improve the customer experience and collect relevant data for reporting and analysis.How to structure multi-form quizzes for a better, more robust, context-driven customer experience. I’ve been talking a lot about quizzes and how things are broken with them lately, and why you should end on a landing page rather than just products to add to a cart. Here’s a live example of how we do things. Mind you, after these data points are collected, we’re able to tie relevant reporting to all data points collected to understand trends from answers to orders, revenue, and conversion rates. Visit for explanations of the reporting. If you’re currently doing quizzes another way, get in touch. We’ll even help you create your landing pages because we care about the customer experience that much. All in all, better experience, context for the data collected, and reliable subscription to conversion data. #ecommerce #zeropartydata #customerjourney

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