Improving Customer Experience through Intent-Based Data Collection in Ecommerce

– The author believes that the future of ecommerce involves intent-based data collection, multi-step processes, and a focus on the customer journey.
– The author suggests that Hush Blankets should improve their sign-up form to better serve their customers and build long-term relationships.
– The author emphasizes the importance of creating a beautiful and frictionless experience for customers in order to encourage them to provide their information and establish a lasting relationship.Create a beautiful and frictionless sign-up form that collects intent-based data to build a long-term relationship with customers.I’m all about the customer experience. A few weeks ago, the crew over at Hush Blankets let me know that they updated their sign-up form and I would love it. I liked the effort but felt there was something missing about the execution, so I decided to mock up what I think would be amazing for them as a brand to better serve their customers while building a long-term relationship. In my opinion, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of you that follow me, the future of e-commerce is intent-based data collection. It’s multi-step, relative to the customer journey, and frictionless. Make something beautiful for your customers so they enjoy trading you their information for something that builds a long-term relationship beyond the first sale. I recommend watching on full screen for better legibility. #marketing #zeropartydata #ecommerce

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