Improve Your Copywriting by Reading it Aloud

– Reading your copy out loud is crucial in copywriting.
– Every word should have a distinct meaning and the sentence structure can be reorganized for better storytelling.
– Copy should sound right, be clear and easily interpreted, and provide value and thorough explanation.Read your copy out loud to ensure it sounds right, is clear and concise, and effectively communicates valuable information.Read your copy out loud. Read your copy out loud. Read your copy out loud. Then… Read your copy out loud again. Every word in your copy should have a distinct meaning. If you can tell a better story by reorganizing the sentence, reorganize it. If you can make it more direct, make it more direct. 99% of copywriting is reading it out loud and deciding the following: 1. Does it sound right? 2. Is there a better way to say it? 3. Will everyone interpret it the same way? 4. Does it share something valuable? 5. Does it serve to explain something more thoroughly? Some of the largest mistakes I see on a regular basis would not have happened if people just read things out loud. #copywriting #marketing #ecommerce

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