Improve Conversion Rates by Asking Relevant Questions in Sign-Up Forms

– The drop-off rate for the second step of a two-step sign-up form is high, with over 35% of users not completing it.
– Asking another question relevant to the customer journey instead of collecting email and phone number results in a much higher response rate, with 99% or more people answering.
– Collecting SMS during sign-up may not be necessary as there is better data to collect from high-intent customers.Replace the two-step sign up form with a single question relevant to the customer journey to increase completion rates and collect valuable data.Are you doing a two-step sign-up form to collect email and phone number? The drop-off rate on the second step is over 35% and can reach upwards of 50%. Instead, why not ask another question that is relevant to the customer journey? Over 99% of people answer it, and in fact, you can ask up to 4 questions and still have 95% of people answer them. This is the difference between the Customer Journey and the Company Journey. So, you can either understand the customer journey or collect another channel to message guesses on. Don’t be brainwashed by all these companies telling you that you need to collect SMS during sign-up. Those people are already high-intent customers, and there is better data to collect. Mismatched content on different channels is still mismatched content. #ecommerce #marketing #customerjourney

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