High subscriber conversion rates indicate strong product market fit

– Subscriber conversion rates are significantly higher than other traffic sources.
– Overall conversion rate is 3.94%, with first-time conversion at 2.57% and return visitor conversion at 10.59%.
– Subscriber conversion rate is 21.16%, while non-subscriber conversion rate is only 2%.Focus on increasing subscriber conversion rates to improve overall conversion rates and achieve product-market fit.Pay attention to your subscriber-to-conversion rates. Over the lifetime of the company, they convert at super high rates in comparison to all your other traffic. This is a snapshot from before the holiday: 3.94% overall conversion, 2.57% first-time conversion, 10.59% return visitor conversion rate, 21.16% subscriber conversion rate, and 2% non-subscriber conversion rate. This is product-market fit in a picture.https://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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