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– The author is inviting people to share their store links in the comments for a video review.
– The video will provide feedback on various aspects of the stores, such as design, offers, and triggers.
– The more people participate, the longer the video will be, and everyone who participates will benefit from the feedback.Drop your link to your store or a client’s store in the comments for a chance to have it featured in a video where I provide feedback and tips on popup strategy, design, offers, triggers, etc. The more people that participate, the longer the video will be. Additionally, if you’re interested in user testing for multi-step forms, let me know in the comments.Let’s do something really cool. Drop your link to your store or a client’s store in the comments. I’ll put them into a video and go through all of the ones added one by one, focusing on popup strategy and things that I look out for, from design to offer to triggers, etc. The more of you that comment, the longer the video will get. Then I’ll post a link to the complete video when it’s done. So everyone that participates in this will benefit mutually. I really care about everyone leveling up together and would like to make this collaborative. It usually takes me about 2 minutes per store, so if 30 of you drop comments, you’re going to get a one-hour example video where I look at multiple stores and provide feedback. Everyone can benefit from mutual participation. Kind of cool, right? Also, as a bonus, if you’re considering making the move to multi-step forms with some real data context, let me know in the comments next to your URL. We are looking for some user testing around onboarding as we aim to make Formtoro available to more people. It’s not a one-click install yet, but we’re working on getting it closer to a self-serve platform. #data #popups #ecommerce #marketing

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