Game-changing acquisition strategy for post iOS 14 marketers

– The test mentioned has unlocked a highly effective acquisition strategy for post iOS 14 or in general.
– The strategy has resulted in a high sign-up rate without impacting margins on the first sale.
– The strategy also provides valuable data points for retargeting and increases the likelihood of a second purchase.Implement the new acquisition strategy for post iOS 14 or in general, which includes optimizing Facebook ads, increasing sign-up rates, collecting data for retargeting, ensuring a second purchase, surprising customers with unexpected emails, and improving training for the Facebook algorithm.That test I mentioned, which was going to destroy all our KPIs, just unlocked the holy grail of acquisition for post iOS 14 or in general. It’s the silver bullet that all you marketers have been searching for. I’m not joking. We changed nothing on the ad side of things. We achieved upwards of a 40% sign-up rate without taking a hit to margin on the first sale. We obtained 5 data points for every sign-up relative to their customer journey for retargeting. We also built-in mechanics to almost guarantee a second purchase and the ability to surprise and delight in the first email with something customers weren’t expecting. Additionally, we improved training for the FB algorithm. The list goes on. All this is from cold traffic via Facebook ads with the goal of conversion. I’m not overselling how game-changing this is. Romans Ivanovs can vouch for the numbers above, but he’s been sworn to secrecy on the specifics. It’s all upside for the customer journey and the company journey. We spent a ton of time mapping this out and making it possible, literally months. Curious? Want to know more? Comment or tag someone you think would benefit from this. We’ll be creating a Slack community around REAL actionable advice to push marketing forward. Shopify + Klaviyo + Formtoro. We’re the only ones that can pull this off from a tech perspective in a truly seamless and frictionless way. Happy Thursday! #zeropartydata #acquisition #facebookads #ecommerce

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