Formtoro: Outsourcing Your Gold Mining for Ecommerce Success

– Formtoro helps companies collect, refine, and make sense of their data.
– They use this data to help companies create change and sell more finished products.
– Working with Formtoro is like outsourcing your gold mining, allowing you to take advantage of the value in your data.Outsource your data mining operation to experts to maximize the value and potential of your company.If data is gold, then Formtoro is your pan, your sifting screen, your polisher, your smelter, and your jeweler. Seriously, we collect it, make sense of it, refine it, and then use it to help you create change throughout your company. Imagine outsourcing your entire mining operation to experts who can guide you on how to sell more finished products. It’s a gold rush, and like most of the hype, those with the best operation, who act the quickest, will end up being able to take leaps and bounds more action than those who don’t. But you can’t do it without the gold, and gold is where all the value is. Working with us is literally outsourcing your gold mining, on land that you already own and is ripe for mining. Think about it. #ecommerce #strategy #marketing #data

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