Formtoro: Increase Revenue in 30 Days with Minimal Effort

– Formtoro can make an impact in less than 30 days with minimal effort required from the client.
– The service helps generate additional revenue quickly, with a recent test showing a 4.5% increase in first-time revenue in just 24 hours.
– By collecting multiple data points, Formtoro allows clients to improve their landing pages, offers, and overall efficiency, resulting in compounding growth and increased ROI.Use Formtoro to increase revenue and efficiency in less than 30 days, with minimal effort required on your part.I love agencies that say they need 90 days to make an impact. Use Formtoro to make an impact in less than 30 days with very little need to do anything. We’ll do the setup. We’ll just duplicate your existing sign-up forms, add some questions, and map them to your existing flows. Make additional revenue in as little as 24 hours. In fact, in a recent test we ran with a client, they made enough extra revenue from one additional form to cover our monthly fee in less than 24 hours with no involvement on their side. The test was responsible for 4.5% of first-time revenue, and we only ran it on mobile. If we add desktop, it’s likely an ~8% increase. It was all additional. If you’re a company doing $100,000 a month in revenue, that’s an easy $8k in increased revenue with follow-on revenue on top of that through long-term repeat purchases. This compounds over time. But wait, there’s more, because we collect multiple data points, you get to use all the data collected to build better landing pages, test better offers, and everything else in between. So you’ll be up at least 15% on the month compounding without spending a dollar more on ads. Your efficiency increases. And it builds on itself. So as a smaller brand making $100k revenue per month, you’ll get 1.8x ROI on your initial investment, all focused on first-time acquisition, which means it compounds. Think of this as the same as your current advertising budget. If you’re spending about $25 – $30k on ads, we’re 20% or less of that, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to become more efficient and you’ll 100% learn more about your customers. Assuming 20% growth per month, off the base, not even compounding, by month 5 you’ll be at $200k revenue per month, and you’ll be at 4x ROI, which is right around that once-in-a-lifetime top-performing ad without factoring in compounding repeat purchases. At this point, you’re making enough profit from the gains to pay us from pure profit moving forward. Your ROI only increases from there. Doing $1 million a month, out of the gate you’re getting ~15-20x ROI on your investment of working with us. Making more than that, the ROI only goes up.So no matter what size you are, we will make you money.You can do the math for yourself, less than $200k per month, we can help you get there, more than $200k revenue per month, we’re gasoline on a fire. More than $1 million per month, we’ll pretty much out perform any CRO agency out there without having to create anything new or do any changes to your website. I’m dead serious and have all the data to prove that it works. #ecommerce #growth #data

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