Facebook Ads: Simplify Creatives, Collect Data, Let Ads Run

– Focus on creating better and more effective creatives, rather than just increasing the quantity.
– Collecting customer data is crucial for understanding your target audience and improving marketing strategies.
– Allow ads to run for at least 7 days to accurately measure their effectiveness, and use ads as a tool for customer research.Collect and analyze customer data to better understand your target audience and inform your marketing strategies.I was talking with Roman Ivanovs this morning and discussing the changing tides across Facebook Ads and how brands are trying to tackle changes to the landscape. Here are a few of the key takeaways:

1. Keep your creative simple. Everyone is preaching more creatives, but they should be preaching better creatives, tighter testing, and incremental improvements.

2. Ads don’t stop at the click. Ads and sales without customer data don’t tell you anything, and it’s more important than ever to collect data to understand who you are marketing to.

3. Let them run. Attribution has always been a mess and delayed from when someone first sees your ad. Have a schedule to test on and pick a consistent day of the week to launch tests, etc. Seven days minimum to let an ad run seems like it’s quickly becoming the new norm.

4. Use ads as a customer research channel. Ads where conversions are the focus are great, but you should also use ads to conduct customer research to better inform who you are reaching and what they care about.

Other parting thoughts:
– Strive to stand out.
– How could building in public work for DTC?
– Nail the story at all points of the journey.https://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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