Facebook Ads: Millions Wasted on Bad Strategies and Poor Targeting

– Millions of dollars are wasted on Facebook Ads due to poor ad quality and ineffective customer journeys.
– Ads lack personalization and fail to target specific personas, resulting in low conversion rates and return on ad spend.
– To improve ad performance, ads should pose relevant questions, provide context, and continue the story that made the audience click. Separate landing pages should be created for different target personas.Create tailored ads and customer journeys for each of the three main personas you are targeting: those who haven’t owned something like what you make, those who currently own something similar, and those who are looking to try something like what you make. Ask compelling questions in your ads to generate curiosity and clicks, and provide relevant context and information to answer those questions. Separate your landing pages and build a journey specific to each persona. Focus on acquisition of new customers and ensure you have a strong call-to-action to get your product in their hands.Millions of dollars are wasted per day on Facebook Ads. The ads are just bad. Then they push me to a collection page or a homepage, with a popup immediately. Then they leave a small sticky 10% off in the corner all over the website, so there is no urgency to sign up or take advantage of it. If you’re doing this because your ESP or popup provider told you to, they haven’t shared the full data with you. Once you go small, the odds of someone clicking on one of them drops massively to usually fractions of a percent. Then their product pages suck and are confusing. I went through an exercise today where I clicked on the first ads that I saw in my Facebook Feed, all of the flows sucked, all the messaging was the same, none of it was tailored to the ad or the source of traffic. All the ads sucked too, don’t know who they were marketing to. In fact, a lot of the ones I got were for women’s clothes, good old broad targeting working wonders. People wonder why they have low conversion rates and low ROAS. I’m willing to bet agencies are behind a good chunk of these ads too, which makes this situation even worse. These companies are spending thousands of dollars to create ads that don’t have proper customer journeys and haven’t been modernized for the current e-commerce landscape. This stuff isn’t that hard, it’s just logic and common sense. There are three main personas you’re targeting: 1. People that haven’t owned something like what you make 2. People that currently own something similar to what you make 3. People that are looking to try something like what you make If they haven’t owned something you make, your goal is to target them with an ad that poses the simple question “Have you tried xyz?” – Why haven’t I? If they currently own something similar to what you make, “Experience the difference with xyz” – How is this different from what I have? If they are looking to try something like what you make, “Make the choice that others wish they made earlier” – Why do people like this more than other products? That’s it, it’s really that simple. Get people to ask “why” or “how” and you’ll get clicks. From there, provide context relevant to the question that you’re answering and the persona you’re targeting. Then, for the love of all things alive and breathing, continue the story relevant to the ad and the targeting, if you sell both men’s and women’s clothes, separate them, build landing pages for both, then bring people through that journey that’s tied to what made them click. Your persona isn’t male 25-60, enjoys hiking, has a dog, etc. you’re persona is broadly in one of those above three buying categories, write your ads to those three categories rather than to a person. If this is all about acquisition of new customers given current prices to do so you better have lever pulling on full tilt. Get product in hand. #marketing #ecommerce #customerexperiencehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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