Essential Ecommerce KPIs for Improved Marketing Results

– Tracking subscription percentage by source, campaign, ad set, and ad is important for an ecommerce store.
– Monitoring the cost per subscription from paid sources and the blended cost per subscription can provide valuable insights.
– Analyzing the subscription to sale conversion rate by various sources and overall, as well as the conversion timeline, can help identify gaps and improve marketing strategies.Track and analyze subscription percentage, cost per subscription, conversion rates, and conversion timeline to identify gaps and improve post-signup strategies.KPIs you’re probably not tracking as an ecommerce store, but you should be:

1. Subscription percentage by source, campaign, ad set, and ad.
2. Cost per subscription from paid sources.
3. Blended cost per subscription.
4. Subscription to sale conversion rate by source, campaign, ad set, and ad.
5. Overall subscription to sale conversion rate.
6. Subscription to sale conversion timeline.

It might just change your entire approach if you spend more time focusing on where the gaps are post-signup. It will also teach you why batch and blast has its drawbacks. #ecommerce #data #marketing

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