Ecommerce website with navigation issues and costly mistakes

– The ecommerce website has navigation issues, with menu items not being linked and a bad link that doesn’t open anything.
– Despite having a large following on Instagram and being in the middle of a sale, the website lacks proper navigation to allow customers to find what they are interested in.
– The website’s poor user experience and navigation issues could be costing them a significant amount of money, considering their size and number of employees.Fix the menu links and ensure all links are functioning properly on the ecommerce website.I was just browsing a large e-commerce website. None of the menu items are linked. The one option that was linked was a bad link that didn’t open anything. They have over 800k followers on their Instagram, and they are in the middle of a sale, but you can’t navigate to what you’re interested in. I can’t even begin to think about how much money this is costing them. The basics will cost you more money than you think. This is not a small company. LinkedIn is telling me they have more than 260 employees. It can happen to anyone; I found this by accident. #customerjourney #fail #ecommerce

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