Ecommerce Customer Journey Checklist: Improve All Parts Together

– The first draft of an ecommerce intent-based customer journey checklist and questions has been completed, totaling over 5000 words.
– The checklist was created to address the need for understanding and improving all parts of the customer journey, as brands, agencies, and experts often lack expertise across the entire journey.
– The checklist includes suggestions for checking various aspects of the ecommerce journey, such as audience, creative, landing page, and more, and also includes embedded questions and templates for a customer journey perspective.The key action item is to use the ecommerce intent based customer journey checklists and questions to assess and improve all parts of the customer journey, including audience, creative, landing page, pop up settings, offer, product page, website, organic and owned channels, available products, product, and price.The first draft of our ecommerce intent-based customer journey checklists and questions is done at over 5000 words. A few weeks ago, we set out to break down all the parts of the ecommerce journey and how we could use intent data to get an idea of where breakdowns and gaps in the journey exist. This wasn’t possible without a ton of data collection and aggregation across multiple platforms, including our own, plus years of observation and execution. It wasn’t a small task, but over the last few years, it has become glaringly obvious that it was needed. Why did we do it? Because brands aren’t sure what’s wrong, agencies are hired to do parts of this stuff, and experts rarely have enough expertise to go across the entire customer journey. Anyone auditing a part of the journey only knows that part. There are massive gaps in understanding how it all fits together and how one thing impacts the other parts. Improving one part only doesn’t work; you need to improve all the parts together. Is it perfect? No, it’s a start. Based on data, our model pumps out suggestions on what to check: Check Audience, Check Creative, Check Landing Page, Check Pop Up Settings, Check Offer, Check Product Page, Check Website, Check Organic and Owned Channels, Check Available Products, Check Product, Check Price. THEN… we have embedded questions for all of these checks. THEN… we have added and are adding full templates that are built from a customer journey perspective, not a company journey perspective. It’s almost like having me answer your questions without having to talk to me. Talking to me is always an option too 😉 #ecommerce #data #process

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