Ecommerce: Be the Product People Swipe Right On

– Ecommerce is similar to dating in your 30s, where customers have options and know what they want.
– Customers actively search for products on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google.
– Brands need to make a good first impression, back it up with social proof, and provide a positive experience to gain customer loyalty.Be a product that people swipe right on by creating solid branding, messaging, and a unique product that exceeds expectations.E-commerce is like dating in your 30s. You have money, you have options, you know red flags, you know what you’re getting into with a brand, and you know what matters to you as a person. You don’t need someone. There are tons of dating apps to find people. This is analogous to the modern customer journey. You put yourself in a place to be actively looking for a product. This could be Instagram, Facebook, browsing the web, a blog, a Google search, whatever. It’s where you look. The person/product needs to be appealing to the eye. With a good-looking product, you can get a swipe right. Next, they need to look good on paper, and they need to be able to back up the first impression via other pictures, social proof, etc., and the conversation via text/phone/reviews is good enough to get you to make a commitment to try it out. They can’t be fake. All dates start over drinks rather than dinner. This is your first purchase with a brand. It’s small, it’s cost-efficient, you’ll get some benefit out of it, and you can decide how many you’d like to have based on your experience. For many, the first purchase will be via a sale or a discount, a perceived value that makes them take a chance. However, customers that don’t need a discount have usually ranked you higher in the perceived value category. The majority of brands don’t make it to this point. They get swiped left because their products are just not what people are looking for at the time or the ad is visually off-putting to their eye. Upselling at this point is off-putting. It requires too much commitment. Let that first drink get served and let the experience define what the next steps should be. Like dating in your 30s, 80% of your dates are going to be a single drink. You have no loyalty to a specific company, and unless the products are perfect for you, you’re going to try as many things as you can until you find the one or at least one better than everything else you’ve tried. 20% of the time, you’ll stick with a brand for a bit and let it run its course. This tells you if you like it over time. You might circle back to the one drink, but it’s not likely, there’s a lot of companies out there.The goal is always to find your match, some people will go a lifetime without finding the perfect product for them, and some will settle along the way for less than perfect, but the goal is always to find the best product, and the best product in your price range. You’re limited by the amount of people/products/places you can experience.The lesson to be learned from all of this? Be a product that people swipe right on, back it up with solid branding and messaging that inserts personality, make a product better than everyone else, and understand that people really are always looking for the best.Build trust through communications and be unique in a sea of the same and make sure that product lives up to expectations, don’t catfish your customers.#marketing #ecommerce #customerjourney

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