Ecommerce Attribution in the Age of iOS14: Leveraging Data for Success

– Proper attribution in Formtoro has not been impacted by the changes brought by iOS14.
– Trusting attribution in platforms has always been a challenge, but combining raw data from multiple platforms can provide a more accurate picture.
– With the shift to focus on data collection, retargeting and overall brand positioning throughout the entire funnel become possible, leading to better conversion rates.The key action item is to lean into data and prioritize data collection in order to make smarter media buying decisions and improve overall brand positioning throughout the entire funnel.My thoughts on e-commerce attribution post iOS14. We’ve had proper attribution in Formtoro for the last year, even before iOS14. All the changes didn’t impact us from a reporting standpoint in our platform. Attribution reporting has been flawed because most platforms want you to use and trust their numbers, but there’s no such thing as perfect data. I’ve never trusted attribution in platforms, but I do like the idea of taking raw data from multiple platforms and combining it to tell a story in one place. A set of data that I could just trust to be accurate enough to make decisions based on. We combine Facebook’s numbers, our own numbers, with Shopify’s numbers and integrate our zero-party data to rank ads based on customer behaviors and data sets they provide us directly. This allows us to set parameters on ads leveraging the clean data and make smarter media buying decisions. The biggest shift with iOS14 is Facebook’s inability to track people all over the internet, which means you need to switch up your strategy to be one of data collection at all costs. You’re not targeting individual people anymore, you’re targeting as many people as possible to provide you information to start building journeys most likely to broadly appeal to people likely to purchase. With a shift to focus on data collection, it allows you to retarget people based on the specific answers they provide you if you like, but the larger gains are in overall brand positioning throughout the entire funnel. This simply isn’t possible without data collection. We can still tell you the best ads to select without zero-party data and optimize your ad spend and let you learn from testing creatives, but without data, we can’t tell you which creative directions to go. Most attribution tools can just give you a better idea of what’s working and what’s not, but they are limited to the data they have to make those decisions. We’re not. We add in outside data sets to help you make decisions and work with you to improve your entire funnel. Clean attribution, although it seems difficult to do, really isn’t. The larger strategy work around data is where success comes from, it’s overall optimization and customer journey. Business isn’t just data, it’s interpreting how to work with it to increase your conversion rates, etc. Our test website has a conversion rate north of 5% on average but trends as high as 8%. When we look at ads, it’s all about efficiency and making sure that we’re attracting the right quality audience.You don’t get these results with just data, but I don’t think you can get them today without data.Lean into data, but if you’re not ready, we’ll help you make better media buying decisions just the same.#marketing #ecommerce #paidads

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