Discover the Untapped Automation That Generates Extra Revenue for Ecommerce

– The text describes an automation that can generate additional revenue for ecommerce businesses.
– The automation can be set up quickly and works with existing software.
– It has been tested and proven effective on a range of ecommerce websites, from small to large.The key action item is to express interest in the automation and mini course by replying “Interested” in the comments.I have one automation that no one in e-commerce uses that mints money. It can be set up in as little as 15 minutes and will start making you money the same day using your existing software. If you do $10,000 per month, it’s an extra $500 per month. If you do $100,000 per month, it’s an extra $5,000 per month. If you do $1,000,000 per month, it’s an extra $50,000 per month conservatively at 5%. For our in-house brand, it’s responsible for 16% of first-time shopper revenue in February and 13% of first-time shopper revenue in March. In the past 7 days alone, it has driven $4k in revenue. We’ve tested it on stores from $5k a month to $8 million a month, and it works on all of them. I’m thinking of building a mini course around popups, the ones you’re currently using, how to use them more effectively, and also a primer on how to switch to multi-step popups. It will include the automation above that mints money for everyone.

Does it require a different offer? No, it plays well with all your existing offers.
Do you know why it works so well? Yes, it’s customer journey-driven rather than company journey-driven.
Does it work on any e-commerce website? Yes, any of them.
How do you know it’s additive? We’ve tested it with variables to make it not required and watched it still perform.
Do I need Formtoro to see results? No, it works with your existing software.
Would you bet your career on it? 100% – so much so I’ll offer you the choice – If you’re doing more than $50,000 per month, I’ll give it to you for free, help you set it up, but you’ll have to give me the full amount you make on it for the first month it’s implemented. After that, it’s yours with zero ongoing fees. OR you can just buy the mini course and educate yourself for a fixed fee of $5,000, which is what you’d pay an agency for a month of working on your emails, except this compounds without paying every month. If you’re an agency, this could be your ticket to bagging a lot more clients in a competitive market as it’s instant gains for every potential client.

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