Data Privacy: Prepare for Success with Intent-Based Data Collection

– Data privacy is becoming increasingly important and marketers need to be prepared for it.
– Understanding the reasons behind website traffic and improving the customer journey can lead to higher conversion rates.
– Taking a data-first approach can result in improved marketing strategies and higher conversion rates.Take a data-first approach to marketing by focusing on intent-based data collection and improving the customer journey on your website to increase conversion rates.Data privacy is coming, whether or not your marketing department is prepared for it. Imagine waking up tomorrow and being entirely blind to all the traffic coming to your website. What would you do? Personally, I could wake up tomorrow and be fine. The systems we have in place don’t require knowing where the traffic is coming from or its relevant performance by channel. I need to understand why they are there and what makes them more or less likely to convert. This is why we do intent-based data collection. From there, I can improve my customer journey on my website to the point where it no longer matters where they come from; they will just convert. So ads don’t matter, spend doesn’t matter, just data collection and building a useful experience that results in conversion. What happens when you take this approach? A website without sales emails achieves an 8%+ conversion rate, largely driven by cold traffic from Facebook ads that haven’t been updated in months. Waiting for the inevitable changes in privacy shouldn’t be what motivates you to take a data-first approach. Staring at sales emails and campaigns and a conversion rate of less than 3% should be the motivating factor. You can do better. We have proof that it’s possible. #privacy #marketing #data

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