Data-driven marketing strategies for better results and customer loyalty

– Building a marketing plan with data is the best approach, even though it may take time to gather the necessary sales and data.
– Using a multi-use coupon code can be an effective way to test the stickiness of product offerings and collect data on customer behavior.
– When launching new products or implementing loyalty programs, it is important to engage with customers who have provided feedback or made purchases, and focus on creating a great customer experience.Collect and analyze data to inform and guide your marketing strategies and decisions.The best way to build a marketing plan is with data. It takes a few months of sales and data to build one. Yes, you can build one without, but you shouldn’t. I’ve seen people guessing for more than 15 years because it’s easier. Topics that are currently floating around that make no sense to me in terms of approach – Want to try a subscription or membership? Start with a multi-use coupon code instead. Less work, easy to set up, and allows you to exclude those people from other sales and offers to truly understand the stickiness of your product offerings. Collect data while doing it and build out a segment that is more likely to purchase multiple times. Test on them. Target others like them. Simple. Want to launch a new product line? Reach out to those people that told you what matters to them and purchased or left you a review. Have a real conversation. Pre-sell. Want a loyalty program? Build a product with a great customer experience that organically has more than 40% of people returning. Not all products or brands are sticky enough for a loyalty program. Find products that can be purchased multiple times and add them to your mix. See above about launching products. Customers want and demand flexibility. They vote with their wallets. Just focus on the value props and the product experience. Build your marketing strategies around factors you can control. Question all decisions that aren’t logically positioned from above. #marketing #data #strategy

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