Cutting Costs and Optimizing Processes for Ecommerce Success

– Many ecommerce brands are facing problems due to years of neglected strategy and bad business decisions during the boom time in ecommerce.
– Companies should have invested in hiring software product managers and engineering teams to improve internal operations during the good times.
– Workflow automation can save significant time and money, and companies should focus on optimizing processes and cutting out unnecessary work.Invest in workflow automation to optimize processes and cut costs in ecommerce businesses.There are a lot of brands in ecommerce that are starting to wake up to the fact that they’ve pretty much screwed themselves over with bad business decisions during the largest boom time ever in ecommerce. Now it’s a mad dash to cut costs. This includes big and small companies that rely on ecommerce as a major channel. The problems they are experiencing now stem from years of neglected strategy. It’s not a quick fix. Any of these companies could have and should have started hiring more software product managers and engineering teams to focus on improving internal operations while times were good. For every $1 invested in workflow automation, you make back an obscene amount of time saved, which translates to money. I’ve mentioned this example in the past, but in rough calculations, when done correctly, every 1 hour spent on proper automation results in 10 times the amount of hours saved over the course of a year. For one project, it took me 40 hours to create it, and it saved our team north of 1400 hours of work. There were additional benefits to that too, such as data to make decisions, etc. Workflow automation doesn’t mean full automation; it just means that you’re able to find the really big time sucks and minimize the amount of time it takes to get organized. With organization and process comes cost savings and optimization. Remember, the goal is to cut out the bullshit and get back to spending time on what matters to your business. So as you sit at your computer this Friday, ask yourself one question: Is my process optimized, or am I doing a lot of sporadic work with an impact that isn’t measurable? I’d bet if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s the latter of those. Stop relying on tools to replace a process and start incorporating tools into your process to streamline it. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen try to build too much process into things for no particular reason. There is a balance; find it. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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