Customer Journey Gaps: Lessons Learned in Ecommerce

– The website’s lack of a coupon code and fixed shipping prices almost caused the sale to be lost
– The availability of the product on Amazon led to price checking
– A Google search for a coupon code gave credit to someone else, highlighting the importance of the customer journeyImprove the website experience by ensuring that coupon codes are readily available and easily accessible to customers.True story that just happened over the weekend. We were looking to buy a gift for a baby shower. We didn’t want to buy directly on Amazon, though it was cheaper. It was a product we’ve purchased multiple times, and all the parents have loved it and use it frequently. So, we went to the brand’s website, signed up for 10% off, only $3, but hey, free money. There was no free shipping option, so we were on the hook for that too. Most of the time, they would have lost the sale to Amazon right then and there, but we committed to supporting the brand directly. We signed up for the 10% off, but there was no code on the website. They emailed it, but it didn’t come for 2 days. In frustration for not receiving a code immediately, we googled for one, so Alyssa Yoga’s influencer coupon will get credit for the sale. So, what did we learn about the customer journey and acquisition?

1. The website experience with not showing a coupon code nearly killed the sale.
2. The fixed shipping prices nearly killed the sale.
3. The product’s availability on Amazon made us price check.
4. A Google search for a coupon code gave credit to someone else (looked it up on another computer).
5. It was all about the company journey rather than the customer journey.

The website experience would have driven us to Amazon under normal circumstances. The friction presented for a known product we had purchased multiple times before had us still looking for a discount to offset the extra costs. There were so many gaps in this experience; it was sad. #marketing #ecommerce #customerjourney

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