The following document outlines a comprehensive list of questions that touch upon all the parts of the customer journey that you can control as a store owner or brand.

The following are checklists for the touchpoints of the digital journey.

Audience Checklist

Creative Checklist

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Offer Checklist

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Product Page Checklist

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Available Products Checklist

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Price Checklist

Audience Checklist

Your click through rate is lower than expected. Please check that you are targeting the right audience.

  • The audience must be known
  • The reason for targeting the audience must be clear
  • The audience must be backed by data
  • The audience is relevant to where they are located
  • The audience might be one of many
  • The audience might be affected by seasonality
  • The audience will care about only certain aspects of the products
  • The audience is part of a broader lifestyle trend
  • The audience may already own products like yours
  • The audience interest can change with life events

Audience Questions

What audience are we targeting?

  • Is the audience small enough to be clearly identified?
  • Are there traits among the audience that would allow it to be expanded?
  • Is the audience aware of our product?
  • Does the audience currently have a similar product?
  • Is the audience looking to switch from their current product?

Why are we targeting this audience?

  • What about this audience makes it a good fit?
  • What about other audiences makes them not a good fit?

Do we have the data to support targeting this audience?

  • Is there concrete knowledge we have that this audience is a good one?
  • Is there a higher correlation between this audience and growth?

Do we ask questions to reinforce our audience beliefs?

  • Do we connect this audience to the appropriate landing pages etc.?
  • Are we collecting data from sign ups and surveys that confirms our audience?

Where does our audience live?

  • Is our audience regional or national?
  • Does our audience live in cities, suburbs, or rural areas?

Is our audience affected by seasonal changes?

  • Does the weather affect sales of our products?
  • Does location in combination with weather affect sales of our products?

Why do our products matter to our audience?

  • Is our product a need, want, or a desire?
  • Is there something that would cause the product to change importance?

What are the broader lifestyle trends across our audience?

  • Does our audience subscribe to a broader lifestyle of activities?
  • Can we expand or focus our audience targeting based on these lifestyle trends?

Does our audience already own products like ours?

  • Is our audience aware of our product or products like it?
  • Do we use terminology that is something they would recognize?
  • Is there education needed for those that don’t own a product like ours?

How do life events affect this audience?

  • Is our product dependent on life events?
  • Can a life event change our audience?

Creative Checklist

Your click through rate is lower than expected. Please check that your creative is eye-catching and has a clear goal.

  • The creative must stand out in the feed
  • The creative must connect with an audience
  • The copy must be relevant to the audience
  • The creative must focus on one key benefit
  • The creative should relate to one activity
  • The creative should use images instead of words when possible or in combination
  • The creative should have a clear incentive/CTA

Creative Questions

Does my creative stand out in the feed?

  • Is the background bright and colorful?
  • Is the still image compelling enough for someone to stop?
  • Is the product moving to attract the eye?

Does the creative show the product from the start?

  • Is there a lag time before you see a product?
  • Is the product clearly identifiable in the thumbnail?

Does the creative connect with an audience?

  • Is the visual used compelling to the audience?
  • Is the visual clear yet enticing and demands more attention?

Is the copy related to the audience?

  • Is the copy related to the audience that calls out a specific subset of that audience?
  • Is the copy humorous to relate to the audience?

Does the creative focus on one key benefit?

  • Is there a strong text overlay that connects with the audience?
  • Does the text make someone think differently about an existing behavior?

Does the creative relate to one activity?

  • Is there a strong but narrow focus on one key activity the product is perfect for?
  • Is this activity clear to the target audience?

Does the creative use images to represent words?

  • Are the images/icons universally recognizable?
  • Is there only one image/icon shown at a time?

Does the creative have a clear incentive/CTA?

  • Is there an enhanced offer that provides a reason to click through?
  • Is the CTA an invitation to take the next step?

Does the creative speak to the main buyer personas?

  • Is there messaging for people that haven’t purchased a similar product?
  • Is there messaging for people that currently own a similar product?
  • Is there messaging for people that are currently looking for a similar product?

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