Creating Unique Customer Journey Experiences in Ecommerce Marketing

– Most ecommerce brands lack the time and resources to create exceptional experiences.
– Many brands rely on tools and best practices, resulting in generic, company-focused experiences.
– To stand out from competitors, brands should focus on creating landing pages that tell their brand story and reduce the risk for new customers.#ERROR!In a perfect world, you would have all the time and resources to create amazing experiences. The truth is, most ecommerce brands do not have either. So, we cut corners and become over-reliant on tools to fill in the gaps and follow best practices in order to shorten our time to market. Unfortunately, what this leads to are cookie-cutter experiences that are company journey-focused instead of being customer journey-focused. A while back, I clicked on the first 30 Facebook Ads I saw, and only 1 of them took me to a detailed landing page. That’s 3%. If you want to be better than 97% of the Facebook brands out there, understand that for new customers not familiar with your brand, you need to drop them on a landing page that brings in the story of your brand and de-risks the first purchase. There is a ton of opportunity in doing things that don’t scale, but setting up a framework that allows you to stand out from the 97% of companies and brands that simply don’t take the time. #ecommerce #marketing #customerjourney

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