Creating Successful Online Businesses: It’s Not About the App

– There is no app for product market fit, quality products, or customer experience creation.
– Success in online business requires talking to people, obsessing over the product-making process, and collecting data to build better experiences.
– Creating a good experience requires shifting the thought process to the customer journey and putting in a lot of work.Shift your thought process to the customer journey and focus on creating a good experience for your target audience.There is no app for product-market fit. There is no app for quality products. There is no app for customer experience creation. There is no app for customer experience auditing. Yet, these are the main things needed for a successful online business. It’s not about the app; it’s about using apps that can assist with all of those. Don’t be the ones throwing random ideas at a whiteboard and looking for lightning in a bottle; that’s not a strategy, that’s guessing. Let’s turn around the experience. How will this app… Bring me closer to product-market fit? Understand what matters most to my customers? Improve the customer experience? Show me the gaps in our customer experience? Yet, all that everybody cares about is finding an app to automate their work and make them money. These things are the RESULT of doing all the things listed above well. Without those things, success is fleeting. The only way to do those things is to talk to people, obsess about your product-making process relevant to your target market, and collect data around preferences to build better experiences. Fundamentally, though, creating a good experience requires you to shift your thought process to the customer journey rather than the company journey. The problem is, to do things correctly, it’s a lot of work. You have to lean into the notion that business is hard, figuring out how to truly connect with your target audience and build experiences that they enjoy; that’s where the magic really happens. #marketing #ecommerce #strategy

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