Creating a Fun Quiz with Personalized Landing Pages for Better Results

– Built a quiz in 3 hours with personalized landing pages for multiple answer combinations
– Goal was to make it fun and enjoyable for users
– Did not ask for email, show products, have a buy now button, or prioritize sales on the landing pageCreate personalized landing pages for different combinations of answers in order to make the customer experience enjoyable and increase conversion rates.I built a quiz yesterday because if I’m talking the talk, I need to walk the walk. Start to finish, it took me about 3 hours. The vast majority of the time was spent building personalized landing pages for the multiple combinations of answers – 6 in total for this brand. The goal was to make it fun, so that if someone landed on it, they would have a laugh while also getting good results at the end.

Things I did do:
– Made it fun
– Made people laugh
– Collected answers
– Logic-mapped the end results to a super cool personalized landing page of products with videos and descriptions based on answer combinations

Things I didn’t do:
– Ask for an email
– Just show products
– Have a buy now button
– Put a purchase on the hero of the landing page

It’s all about the customer journey, not the company journey. People wonder how we achieve a 6% conversion rate without sales. We build experiences that customers actually enjoy and spend time on things that 95% of brands don’t.

Have a great weekend. #ecommerce #data #customerjourney

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