Common Mistakes in Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

– Following “best practices” without questioning their effectiveness
– Over-reliance on quick-fix tools and lack of flexibility
– Ignoring important variables in the customer journey and lack of strategic understandingImprove the customer experience in ecommerce by innovating how information is displayed on pages and leveraging data to understand and optimize the customer journey.There’s too much guessing in ecommerce. The leading causes I see are:

1. People follow “best practices” without asking what makes them the “best.”
2. There are too many tools. Shopify pushes everyone to apps, which are often a quick fix to a problem but lack flexibility.
3. There is a belief that everything can be solved with a discount, offer, bundle, or deal.
4. Landing pages are not used as an extension of ads.
5. There is no innovation in how information is displayed or shown on pages. In other words, the customer experience (CX) is poor for all ecommerce, and no one has fixed it.
6. There is siloed information that gets hyped with no real application to the business.
7. There are data gaps and a lack of knowledge on how to leverage the data.
8. People constantly switch to things that they can’t control. Customer lifetime value (CLV), anyone?
9. There is a poor understanding of the multiple variables that play a role in the customer journey, and there is a desire to just ignore them to predict the future.
10. There is a lack of real strategists who understand all the parts of a business and how they interact with each other.

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