Collecting Relevant Data for Effective Email Marketing Strategies

– Most people only sign up for a brand’s newsletter for a discount or if they are a competitor/marketer evaluating the emails.
– Collecting data relevant to why someone is signing up is crucial, as 50% of people will never open the emails.
– The future of product discovery and community engagement may involve brands paying a subscription fee to be part of a curated community relevant to their products.Change your approach to collecting emails and data by focusing on providing value and curating content for niche lifestyle areas, rather than solely relying on brand newsletters.Yesterday, I posted about providing a discount during signup as an easy means of collecting data relevant to the customer journey. Then Tom Goodwin dropped a nugget that every marketer should read: “πŸŒπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈJon Ivanco, you do realize nobody really wants a newsletter from 99.9% of brands.” He’s 100% right, and I have known this for a long time. It’s why I’ve been so relentless in telling people to collect data relevant to the customer journey during signup for years now. People only really sign up to a brand for a few reasons: 1. They want their discount. 2. They are a competitor or marketer evaluating the emails. So, this is why it’s so important to actually collect data relevant to why someone is there during signup. 50% of people will NEVER open your emails; their inboxes are already too full to be bothered. So, we need to think of the email signup differently. As Jason Greenwood put it simply, “Value. Exchange. 😎” So, if 99.9% of people don’t care about being on a brand’s newsletter, how would you change your approach to collecting emails, data, and sending emails? Would you still obsess over subscriber count as a KPI? Above, I said that I’ve known about this for years. This brings me to what we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the past year: aggregating content that people actually care about for niche lifestyle areas where people don’t have to subscribe to individual brands, but we can curate content for the lifestyle niche itself on behalf of multiple brands. The value prop becomes, we’ve subscribed to over 200 brands in the niche so you don’t have to. Get one email a week covering sales and new releases in the space. Sounds a lot like what you’re currently promising on your website, but instead, we have more content and a higher frequency of products to share with people. From there, we can layer our technology on top to better understand who’s signing up, what they are interested in, and what they actually care about. I don’t sign up for individual brands most of the time. They only add me to their lists after I purchase something. I will sign up for a community that covers an industry though. I visit those websites often to see what’s new. We predict that this will be the future of product discovery and community engagement, where a brand will pay a subscription fee to be part of a community relevant to the activities they make products for. We’ve seen the stats, analyzed them, and are pretty confident that you’re either going to make the shift or fall behind as a brand in your approach. #ecommerce #community #data

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