Collecting Data for Ecommerce Success: A Clear Lens Approach

– Ecommerce brands should collect multiple data points from visitors who subscribe to their channels.
– Offering discounts in exchange for customer information can help brands understand their target market and improve product market fit.
– Clear planning, proper tools, and execution are necessary for success in ecommerce marketing.Collect multiple data points from visitors that subscribe to your ecommerce brand in order to learn about your target market and improve product market fit.All e-commerce brands should be collecting multiple data points relevant to the customer journey from visitors who subscribe. If you sell on Amazon or through another channel, you can afford to give away a discount via your main channel in exchange for information that helps you learn about the types of customers you are attracting and the types of customers who are making purchases. We need more level-headed, logical people operating in the e-commerce space. They should strategize, collect relevant data, leverage that data to make decisions, and improve our overall understanding of our target market in order to achieve product-market fit. Then, we can figure out ways to test new ideas using things like ads to expand that market at the appropriate times and create value. It’s not difficult; it just requires seeing things through a clear lens. It all starts with a plan, then requires the proper tools, and finally, requires execution. You need all of those things to make things happen. #marketing #zeropartydata #ecommerce #customerjourney

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