Closing the Gap in Ecommerce Marketing: The Solution Revealed

– Ecommerce brands need someone who understands unit economics, can create landing pages and run ads, and can collect intent data to improve performance.
– Ecommerce agencies need guidance on connecting different marketing components, collecting and leveraging data, and a platform that streamlines processes.
– There is a misalignment between brands and agencies, with agencies relying on trial and error and brands seeking immediate results. Both parties need consultants to bridge the gap and improve performance.Hire consultants to bridge the gap between ecommerce brands and agencies, and leverage software to automate processes and improve performance.Here’s the gap in e-commerce marketing. If you’re a brand or an agency, keep reading… What e-commerce brands need right now: —————————————————— Someone who understands unit economics. Someone to make all their landing pages. Someone to run all their ads. Someone to collect all the intent data to make the first two easier with fewer mistakes. Someone to tie those learnings into and across their product pages. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What e-commerce agencies need right now: ——————————————————- Someone to show them how to connect all these pieces together. Someone to teach them how to collect and leverage data. A platform that does a lot of the heavy lifting. A consultant to help them build this model so they can win more deals and scale in ways that have them winning against everyone else. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What we currently have in the market is misalignment around these two parts. Here’s why: Most agencies aren’t really data-focused, so a lot of what they do is trial and error. A lot of that trial and error is sold as “research,” but it’s really just guessing and assumptions. This is why they all sign multi-month contracts, and sometimes the work doesn’t perform. Most brands need results immediately because they are revenue strong and profit weak, so they are looking for constant silver bullets. The other problem that brands have is they are dealing with agencies that are guessing. This is a very bad combination. It doesn’t improve with internal teams either; there are usually some very big gaps there as well. So the result is that agencies take on more and more clients and hope to hit on one that is already on a growth trajectory or where someone is making simple mistakes and they can fix things, but it’s likely the results will plateau, and they will eventually move on. Brands cycle through multiple agencies before getting frustrated and thinking about taking things back in-house. Repeat. The painful part about this is both brands and agencies need consultants but resist paying for them, so things just continue until they hit a breaking point. Welcome to 2023. Breaking points are all around us. Agencies should be hiring consultants. Brands should be hiring consultants. This is the only way to solve this gap. Guess who knows how to solve this gap and built the software to automate a lot of the heavy lifting? Yeah, we did.It’s because we’ve spent 15+ years working with and inside of companies that have all been dealing with the same issues.Things have changed, you can adopt to the change or get buried.Be smart, for a lot of businesses, there’s a very big inflection point coming and a lot will not be able to adjust. #ecommerce #strategy #customerjourney

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