Closing the Gap in Ecommerce Marketing: New Mini Courses Available

– The author plans to create mini courses to address the widening gap in ecommerce marketing concepts.
– The proposed courses include topics such as popups, data collection and leverage, customer journey, customer personas, ad creation, and more.
– The author aims to provide short and actionable information that can be immediately applied to increase revenue, and plans to create a community for participants to ask questions and engage in Q&A sessions.Create mini courses on various marketing topics to bridge the gap in ecommerce, focusing on areas such as popups, data collection, customer journey, customer personas, ad creation, and email marketing. These courses should be short, actionable, and paid, with the goal of helping participants make changes to their ecommerce websites to increase revenue. Additionally, create a community that provides a safe space for participants to ask questions and offer two tiers of membership, one with weekly Q&A sessions.I’ve been teaching marketing concepts for years, but the gap has never been wider than it is today in e-commerce. I’m going to start creating mini-courses to solve the gap. Here’s the list I’m thinking:

Popups Course – Why you need an actual strategy
1. What types of popups
2. Where to use the popups
3. How to build popups for the customer journey
4. How to accurately measure the performance of popups

Data Course – Collecting and Leveraging Zero Party Intent Data
1. How to collect data
2. What data to collect
3. How to interpret data
4. How to leverage data

Customer Journey Course – Transitioning from Company to Customer Journey
1. What is the customer journey
2. An overview of the touchpoints
3. How to unify the customer journey
4. Focusing on what you can and can’t control

Customer Personas – Rethinking buyer’s journeys
1. Who are you marketing to
2. How do you sway opinion
3. How to identify your quality audience

Ad Creation – Why most ads actually suck
1. How to ensure context exists
2. Visuals that actually work
3. Forgotten marketing basics around design

Email isn’t on the list because I still don’t think it’s super complicated to pull off successfully, and I also see email marketing undergoing a massive shift in the next 3 years that I won’t talk about quite yet. I’m going to skip the fluff and make all of these as short and actionable as possible. Meaning while you’re watching, there will be a 100% chance you are using the information to make changes to your e-commerce website that will increase revenue. These will be paid courses. If you’re looking for free, just google “Jon Ivanco podcasts.” I’ve given away a ton of free stuff over the years or just look through my past LinkedIn posts. I want this to be different. I’m going to create a community that is a safe space for you to ask anything you want. No bullshit, no fluff, no best practices, only frameworks of things learned from doing this stuff for years. We’ll do two tiers, a general tier for anyone that buys a course to help the community, and a paid tier that will include weekly sessions of Q&A. When is this starting? Soon. Did I miss something? Something else you want to know about?

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