Choosing an ecommerce agency: Deliver or not, profit or lose?

– Ecommerce agencies can promise a dream and secure a 3-month contract, but may not always deliver on their promises.
– Their business model relies on acquiring more clients than they lose within 90 days to make a profit.
– The person in charge of the agency is usually responsible for sales, as this is crucial for their success.Ensure that the ecommerce agency you choose has a track record of delivering on their promises before entering into a contract with them.A good ecommerce agency can sell you on a dream, book you for a 3-month contract, and then either deliver or not deliver. The model works as long as they can find more clients than they lose within the following 90 days to profit. Talk about buying runway. This is usually why the person in charge only sells. #ecommerce #agencies #strategy

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