ChatGPT + Formtoro: Quick Wins for Email Content Creation

– ChatGPT and Formtoro can be used together to generate content on demand and provide email suggestions.
– Long form product descriptions can be combined with these tools to enhance the customer journey.
– This approach allows for personalized and engaging email campaigns without the need for an agency.Start incorporating ChatGPT and Formtoro email suggestions to create content on demand and improve email campaigns.ChatGPT + Formtoro email suggestions for quick wins = content creation on demand. It’s not perfect, but when you combine this with long-form product descriptions relevant to the customer journey, things are going to get interesting. It’s going to be email inspiration done for you, so not only are opportunities being identified, but you can take those and get inspiration for how to tackle them. The best part is, you can send this as plain text from the founder, and it will look like they took the time to write back based on the segment. You don’t need an agency to start trying this stuff. If you really want to up your email game, though, use this prompt: “Create an email campaign that incorporates the following: [insert your favorite product review in full text here].” The results are pretty amazing. It’s going to be really interesting to see who leans into this first to gain that first-mover advantage to upgrade existing channels. As soon as everyone starts, it will lose some of its effectiveness. #marketingcaution #ai #data #ecommerce

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