Calculating True Cost per Subscriber in Ecommerce: Key Metrics to Consider

– Calculate the true cost per subscriber by dividing the number of newsletter subscribers by the paid spend and multiplying it by the welcome series open rate.
– Ecommerce companies should actively and correctly track newsletter subscriptions as it is a leading indicator of intent.
– Consider factors such as cost per subscriber per campaign, per ad set, and per ad, as well as the offer, conversion rate, and quality of audience being delivered.Track and analyze the true cost per subscriber in your ecommerce business by calculating the number of newsletter subscribers divided by paid spend multiplied by the welcome series open rate.Do this calculation if you’re in ecommerce: Number of Newsletter Subscribers DIVIDED BY Paid Spend MULTIPLIED BY Welcome Series Open Rate. This gives you your true cost per subscriber. Other things people don’t look at are the cost per subscriber per campaign, per ad set, and per ad. Newsletter subscription is the leading indicator of intent, yet most ecommerce companies don’t actively or correctly track this. Then, look at the offer, the conversion based on the offer, and the quality of audience being delivered by the offer. Remember, most people convert within 45 days of first signing up, which is when they were actively looking to purchase something that you sell. Email isn’t free. The return on investment goes down quite a bit when you factor in a variety of other things. Things no one factors into the buzzwordy claim of email outperforming other channels include the cost to acquire the email address, email open rates, email list churn, and unit economics. It’s not all roses and sunshine when you look at the actual numbers behind these things, which is why, of all the points where people are CHOOSING to purchase from you, brands need to leverage this point for data collection that they can apply to every future visitor and use it for data gathering. It’s a sunk cost for the percentage of people that never open your email. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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