Boost Email Open Rates and Conversions with Personalization and Data Collection

– Collecting data during sign-ups and using it to personalize email campaigns can significantly improve open rates and click-to-purchase conversion rates.
– Segmented lists with personalized subject lines and preview text achieved open rates above 45%, with some segments reaching 67%.
– Using zero party data provided by customers, rather than guessing, and focusing on the customer’s needs can lead to successful email marketing campaigns.Collect data during sign ups to personalize email campaigns and increase open rates and click-through rates.Collect data during sign-ups to build a personalization engine that works. I’m going to keep saying it. Here’s the proof of why you should be doing this right now. Open rates are going away with iOS 15, but I wanted to show you what happens when you use data from sign-ups to segment your list for campaigns with just a little bit of personalization (think just subject lines and preview lines). All segments had open rates north of 45%, with two topping 67%. Click-to-purchase conversion rate went as high as 36% (which is insane given that we only used coupon codes people already had access to in their emails previously). With a high click-through on the segment we thought would be a great fit, getting up to 18.3%. The lowest was 4.3% 🙁 Any store can do this with just a little bit of effort. I don’t run an email agency. I don’t have a course. There was no special design on the email. Right message at the right time to the right segments with a personalized subject and preview text. Since we moved all our emails to being more brand updates in style, we’ve seen great results. Coupon codes were ones that recipients already had in their inboxes from when they signed up. They weren’t mentioned in the subject lines. We don’t guess, we focus on the customer, and we create messaging based on the zero-party data they provide. It’s not complicated, it just requires the right strategy, the right system, and the right tools. #zeropartydata #emailmarketing #segmentation #ecommerce

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