Boost eCommerce Sales with Data-Driven Popups

– Formtoro builds popups and collects data from website traffic to help businesses build marketing strategies.
– The current model for collecting data is limited to just email and sometimes phone number, but the new model includes more relevant data about why someone is signing up.
– By striving to learn more about customers and making simple changes, businesses can greatly impact their bottom line.Implement popups on your website to collect data from your traffic and use that data to build a more effective marketing strategy.What we do at Formtoro: We build pop-ups for you. We collect data from your traffic and use that data to help you build a marketing strategy. It’s a simple concept that allows us to help you learn more about who’s coming to your website, what they are interested in, what matters to them, and when they are looking to make a purchase. Seriously, you just have to ask people at the right time. 95% of them will tell you these things. Yet, 99.9% of eCommerce companies haven’t caught on to doing this. Business is hard enough, so we prefer not to guess. Your existing agencies and team are largely guessing. The current model is to give a discount for just an email and sometimes a phone number. The new model is to give the same discount, but also gather more relevant data about why someone is signing up. It’s new, I know, but it isn’t rocket science. As a marketer, I will always prefer to have more information about my visitors who choose to subscribe. That’s common sense. If you’re running a pop-up like the one described above, you’re squandering a massive opportunity. Strive to learn more about your customers. Do better, try harder. Simple changes can massively impact your bottom line. #ecommerce #data

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